About Us

"Where Anime fuses with Hip Hop"
Animated Streetwear is an online clothing brand that blends the beautiful style of Japanese art and animation (Anime) with the urban and ground-breaking movement of hip hop culture.  Think of us as a fusion between Anime and Hip Hop in streetwear form!
We believe both anime and hip hop are deeply and collectively intertwined, blending fantastical elements with creative story telling.  They both often share common themes such as creativity, individualism, oppression, and often times, nihilism.  The seeds of these two cultures have been planted long ago, and we as a brand aim to bring them both to the forefront of fashion, and unite and empower the two communities!
We take pride in our work, and place much thought and care in creating our designs, which is why all our designs are also exclusive to our brand.  We want you, the customer to feel like the star and be able express your inner fandom as a member of our community! 
Our designs range flexibly from hip hop/anime hybrid designs, to stand alone designs that focus on each individual cultures.  Additionally, we are always working on new ideas and styles!
Whether you are an avid fan of hip hop and anime, a newcomer, or simply a fan of our designs, we would love to hear from you!  Send us an e-mail, and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.